Brain Injury Rehabilitation

Our specialists will work with the client on setting goals for what they want to achieve. This could include help with memory such as strategies for using a day planner or calendar and making lists. Education is provided on pacing and planning so that clients can learn about energy conservation to allow them to get through the day with fewer symptoms.  Education around the importance of sleep hygiene is also pivotal so that clients are getting enough sleep to recover and get through the day. Devices may also be prescribed to assist with daily functioning such as smartphones and other technology, whiteboards and lightweight cleaning devices.

Types Of Brain Injuries

There are many ways to acquire a brain injury as well as types. Each brain is different and therefore requires a different treatment plan. 

Coordination of services

Our therapists work alongside other professionals:

The Process


Call or email to book a consult and start the process of healing through specialized therapy.


During the assessment we will ask about symptoms and previous treatment to come up with a plan.


Work with a group of specialists with a therapy plan catered to meet your needs.

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